"Maleficent Torrent" subverts the fairy tale and serves as a vehicle for Jolie

Maleficent Torrent could be an excellent way to update the familiar fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, taking advantage of new technologies to
captivate the current generations. The film starring Angelina Jolie in the title role, however, adds nothing to the genre, as well as trying
to subvert - a negative way, a story that over time has been told and retold in an efficient way, especially after the release of Walt Disney
, launched in 1959.

In the Kingdom of Moor, Maleficent Torrent (Isobelle Molloy), a beautiful and exotic fairy takes care of an enchanted forest, where several
strange but captivating in its own way living creatures happy. The ambition of men, the neighboring kingdom, the only disturbance is
controlled by fairy. Until one day she befriends and eventually falls for the young Stefan (Michael Higgins), but the novel does not go

Years pass until an adult Stefan (Sharlto Copley), desirous of becoming king, back to seek solitary fairy (Jolie) who do fall and therefore
loses its wings. Devastated, invades the castle of Stefan and his daughter baptized in Aurora, casts the spell that will transform the
princess in Sleeping Beauty when it turns 16.

By showing Maleficent Torrent as a good woman who becomes poor for being cheated, the intent is to attract public sympathy, mostly female, who 
can still debate the maximum Fairy who became witch: there is no true love. 

Poster of the film “Maleficent Torrent” vehicle for the beauty of Angelina Jolie (not by chance producer of the film), Maleficent Torrent
suffers from the lack of direction and pace, and get lost in the good but excessive visual effects. The supporting cast is actually
supporting, in that it has little importance in the plot, except for the character played by Elle Fanning, who like every princess just need
to have grace and innocence.

The fairy godmothers (Lesley Manville, Imelda Staunton, Juno
Temple) star in the comedy scenes, which mainly please the little ones. For men, then sequences of fierce battles, which are nothing due to
action movies full of testosterone were inserted. The winner, as might be expected, is Jolie.